Financial Planning for your Life


Financial Planning for Millennials & Your Parents

Financial Haus is disrupting the financial industry by changing the relationship millennials, minority communities, and entrepreneurs have with their money. By providing financial coaching and planning to generations typically underserved, Financial Haus aims to help people like you plan for the world we (actually) live in today.

We're Like Personal Trainers For Your Money

Your goal is our goal. Whether it’s building your empire, managing student or credit card debt, starting a business, or growing your family, our advisors can help you reduce financial stressors and find vehicles to make your money work for you. Here’s how we do it:

1-on-1 Personalized
Financial Bootcamp Training

We customize our money training and education sessions so you can learn new ways to think about your finances.

Client Analytics and
Progress Tracking

We help you measure and analyze your current and future financial plan with a modern web-based client portal with daily, real-time updates.

Take-Action Financial Coaching and Guidance

If you choose a recommended strategy, we will help you with a start-to-finish implementation plan* and coach you along the way.

For Any Generation

Financial Haus is not your Grandpa’s firm. What may have been considered “sound financial advice” 40 years ago might not apply today.

Financial Haus was created by millennials with an approach to financial planning that is geared toward helping younger adults start early and build a strong financial foundation for themselves. Then grow with you through any of life's changes. Because a Millennial and a Boomer's financial needs are going to be different. So we take you and your lifestyle into consideration.

Not only are Financial Haus advisors qualified to help you on your financial journey, they understand the challenges facing people today, and how to take a realistic approach to helping you achieve your financial goals - no matter what age you are.

Find A Plan That Fits

For Newbies


Your Financial Coach

Hey! You’ve got to start somewhere, right?! You’re out there making it on your own and taking care of number one. Now you’re ready for what’s next. This program helps you if you’re starting from scratch or if you’d consider your situation not too complex.

  • Debt Management
  • Insurance Review & Recommendations
  • Customized Savings Plan
  • Annual Action Plan

Starting at
or $1,800

For Go-Getters


Your Level-Up Champion

If your situation has several moving parts (or you want it to!) this plan might be best for you. It’s for those whose situation has some complexity: maybe you have various assets or accounts, maybe you’ve found ‘the one’ and are growing a family, or you have an analytical brain and want comprehensive projections and customized strategies.

  • Everything from the above plan +
  • Investment and Portfolio Reviews
  • Tax Conscious Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Income Planning and Strategy Design
  • Major Life Event Planning
  • Preliminary Estate Planning
  • Income Protection Planning
  • Semi-Annual Action Plan

Starting at
or $2,400

For Ballers


Your Wealth Strategist

If you’re wondering how you even found the time to read this page, then this advanced program is probably for you. It’s for those with highly complex situations managing acquired assets: maybe some real estate, a small business or various investment accounts. If your plan needs coordination with outside professionals to protect and grow your wealth, this option might be best for you.

  • Everything from the Coach & CFO plans +
  • Customized Accumulation Strategies
  • Coordination with CPA & Attorney
  • Cash Flow Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Special Project Planning
  • Quarterly Progress Reports

Starting at
or $3,600