When Should Couples Meet With a Financial Advisor?

“Let’s fall in love, get married, and live together forever but have a tumultuous and stressful finances just like our parents,” said no one ever. The happy union everyone desires typically includes having good financial health or security. But wishful thinking won’t make your money dreams come true.

Like it or not, marriage and serious relationships will affect your finances in more ways than one. While it may mean combined incomes and insurance discounts, it could also imply less freedom to make specific financial decisions. You may have to deal with debts, secrecy, and your partner’s terrible money temperaments. Also, if you decide to have kids, life will become more expensive.

Not only can these problems cause you financial stress, but they can also ruin your dreams of a “happily ever after.” We believe the key to avoiding money problems as a couple lies in excellent financial planning. Yes, every good ending starts with a decent plan. And one smart plan is visiting a financial advisor for money advice before things spiral out of control.

“But my spouse and I are barely getting by with what we earn. Isn’t financial advising meant for the wealthy?”


If you’re looking for a sign that tells you it’s the right time to visit a money pro with your partner, we’ll show you five. Let’s get right to it.

When’s The Time Right To Visit a Financial Professional With Your Partner?

I work with a lot of couples who are creating a life together. And I have this principle about not waiting too long to see your financial planner. Look, waiting for one grand event to occur before seeing a financial professional is like hoping to pass an exam before reading the textbook. You can do it but it’s likely not going to turn out in your favor.

So if you’re in any of the following situations, you should book an appointment with an professional sooner, rather than later…

The Moment Things Get Serious

Have you decided to walk down the aisle with your lover? Or maybe you’ve committed to a long-term relationship and have even moved in together? Then it’s time to have the money talk.

Your finances are a fundamental aspect of your relationship. A financial professional can help get you and your partner to reach a consensus if you have differing opinions about money. They will help you improve your financial literacy and prevent unnecessary financial conflict in your home.

Financial professionals can set you and your partner on the right path to making wise decisions with your money. It’s the same thing for whenever a major event that can impact your finances occurs. From getting that work promotion to inheriting money from parents, you need to have a strategy so the money can work for the both of you.

You Don’t Have The Time or Zeal To Study Personal Finances

Being married doesn’t mean you’ve pressed the pause button on personal goals that bring you fulfillment. From pursuing that big contract to catching up with the squad and family time, life can get busy. So, it’s understandable if there’s no time to study tax liability, budgeting for couples, insurance, investment, etc., with your spouse. In such situations, leaving your finances in the hands of a trusted financial expert can help.

There’s Been Some Tension About Finances Lately

Have you and your partner been having fights and disagreements revolving around spending habits, cash inflow, etc? Then this is a tell-tale sign that something isn’t right with your financial health. Sit down with a money expert for some neutral advice.

You’re Not On Track For Retirement

Have you started saving for retirement? Do you have a well-balanced portfolio? Do you have a retirement plan? If you have no idea what your post-retirement financial life will look like, or it doesn’t look good, come see me.

Your Gut Says You Need Financial Help

Listen, if you’ve read this far, then you’re at least thinking about working with a financial professional. Doctors advise that we schedule regular medical checkups even when we don’t feel ill. In the same way, there doesn’t have to be a perfect reason to visit your financial expert. “I just feel like it” is a good enough reason.

If your instincts tell you something isn’t right with your finances, you better go with your gut. Trust us, you’ll know when the time is right, and oftentimes, there’s no better time than now.

Ace Your Finances With Your Better Half In 5 Easy Steps

These are some tips to help you achieve financial freedom:

  1. Discuss Your Past Relationships with Money
    You should be able to talk about everything — including your financial history — with your partner. Understanding each other’s financial habits can bring you closer and prevent future money conflicts.
  2. Develop Mutual Financial Plans
    Marriage is a partnership that requires developing mutual strategies. Itemize your financial goals and agree on the methods to achieve them together. If there are any adjustments to be made, discuss them and ensure there’s an understanding of all the expectations.
  3. Set Money Boundaries
    Have quality conversations about who owns what and how much money can be spent on specific items. “Is my money my money or our money?” “Are we going to have joint or personal accounts?” Those are important questions to ask.
  4. Share Financial Responsibilities
    Couples should share financial responsibilities and not leave it all for one person. This helps to reduce tension and stress, prevents resentment, and makes budgeting easier.
  5. Check Your Spending Habits
    Take time out to analyze your money habits now and again. Are they in line with your financial goals? If they’re not, make the necessary efforts to get back on track. This is a good time to call a financial professional for guidance.

The Bottom Line: Financial Haus Has Your Back

At Financial Haus, I love to help couples get a hold of their finances. It can mean fewer divorce rates, more happy homes, and extra good vibes. And the world certainly needs more of those!

Just like we can’t give ourselves a clean bill of health, couples shouldn’t assess their financial condition all by themselves. Want to know more about how Financial Haus can help you make your money goals come true? Get in touch with me.